Account suspended.....?

My account was wrongfully suspended. Suspension causes in the terms states fraudulent credit cards and purchase. I sell games, I have positive feedback, ship on time. However my account is suspended without notification. I have buyers I need to contact to let them know the status of their purchases. I can’t do so because of this wrongful suspension. I also have money sitting I need to withdraw but can’t do so…?

Invite code: 6257CE

Any admins??

dont try dude here’s what they said to me

Got Banned Cuz i’m selling accounts while all people in this site selling accounts
the good thing that i dont have hugh amount of money to payout so no problem i know them now scammers

I don’t sell accounts so that’s all you but thanks for the input…

Just because one person is selling accounts doesn’t make it right for you to break the rules too. They will get suspended soon enough.

I didn’t sell accounts I was actually wrongfully suspended.

I know for a fact a bunch of people spammed my listing then the next thing I know is I get suspended because of it. I have a lot of evidence to provide wrongful suspension. I’m being peaceful asking for my account to be restored. If I have to get a lawyer and police involved it’s okay. They have been informed but I’m just waiting for the response I get to provide more evidence.