Account Suspended, Please Help.

My account was suspended wrongfully. I don’t see why. I was trying to sell a key to a guy but he took forever to respond, so i resold it and cancelled his order, but he disputed my listing. So i basically got suspended for no reason. Please help me.
I see no reason to suspend me for it. He received his money back and i got suspended apparently.

Invite code: FTCTFY

I Think There’s Issue In System I See Many People Facing Same Problem I Got Suspended Aswell For No Reason When I Look To Suspend Reasons All Of It Talk About Credit Card And Fake Credit Card Tries To Pay With But That About Buyer
What’s Out Business !!!

What Makes Me Realy Mad That I Sold Items And I Wanna Request My Money IDK I Can Do That After Money Arrive Or Not Like WTF !! I Trusted Them And Used Thier Site And They Suspend Me For No Reason !

Hey @DeeJay, your account was suspended due to you asking to users to rate and then sending the correct gift card.

This is a fraudulent behaviour, thus a suspension was placed into your account.

Hey, @Prince send me via PM your invite code so I can look into this further?


No. I gave him the right gift code, I canceled the order and resold it to some other guy. He took too long to answer. He disputed me even AFTER I closed it. This is honestly the worst marketplace site. Didn’t even receive an email explaining what happened. Or at least a warning. F*** me, the Jews at g2a are better than this horrible site.