Suspended for no reason.

Hello, here is the story, my gameflip account got suspended without any reason. In message that i’ve got on my email, it says that i have been asking buyers to rate me(before delivering the item i guess), which i haven’t done, not without deliverying the item first and asking buyer is it all good with the product, all my items were auto-delivered. If any moderator could check this out it will be appreciated because i haven’t tried or did scammed anyone. You can check all of my sales on the site and you will see that everything is clean there
My invite code is:

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We will be investigating this, please give me some time so I can see this through.


Thanks a lot for reply, i hope we will solve this

So? Have you checked? I donny want to hurry you up but i would love to keep selling here

Unfortunately, after investigating this further, I’m unable to remove the suspension from the account. I’m sorry.