How long is my account suspended?

I got send an email that i’m suspended but i don’t know for how long can anyone tell me how to check

anyone know why?

Post your invite code so the moderators can look up your account. If you asked to “rate first”, scammed in comments, or sold prohibited items then the suspension is likely permanent.

What did you do and what happen with your sale? Noone can guess why your account is suspended

My account was suspended permanently for “asking users to rate” but all my listings were auto sell so it’s impossible for me to have done that. It says PERMANENTLY in my email. I have tried reaching out to support but they have ignored me. I didn’t even know there were companies out there that had support turnarounds of greater than a day, several days is unheard of. Not really sure how gameflip plans to compete in this industry with such terrible support. Anyway it should tell you in the email how long you’re suspended for.

Hello @P_K, can you send me your invite code so I can check this for you?

4GTWGY is my invite code

@DunnBiscuit can you look how long my ban is? My account is suspended because i was trying to sell a account but i didnt know that it is not allowed.

@DunnBiscuit The name of the account that got suspended is ArTRaraa

Create a support ticket and put in your full phone number in the “Invite Code” part since you can’t access it.


Hey guys please help me out with my account. It got suspended about a week ago because Gameflip claims I created fraud on my account. This is my tag #HA3GHV
I have a great score and been with Gameflip for many years with no issues ever!!! Plus I was also a blogger helping others in need on Gameflip!!! I never received goods without paying ever! I don’t want to lose the little money I had plus my rating all on some mistake Gameflip thinks I did!
Please help me out. I’m a father and I just buy stuff and sell stuff on here for my child since they are not old enough to do so. Give me another chance! I’m telling you the truth here guys. I’m an honest buyer and sell my used stuff. That’s it! I don’t scam you or anyone for that matter! Thanks for you support in all this.

They should of send you a email with information.

You can PM @DunnBiscuit your profile code and any information and they will look into it.


You can use this

If you have your account banned and you didn’t receive any more information about this, please open a ticket to our support team here:

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I sold an account on accident because I was not aware of the rules and the money is stuck at needs approval I don’t know what to do or how to get the money back on the account

I’m am so sorry for selling an account but it might be to late I am willing to take responsibility for it but I assure you it won’t happen again.

Please let me know when you get anymore information. I apologize for the account sell.

Send @DunnBiscuit a personal message with your invite code and he can look into it.