I can't login due to : login error

Hello Moderators ,

I cannot log into my account anymore,
It gives an error “Login Error”
I think i filled in the wrong security code to many times , cause of sms delays we had multiple texts coming in , all filled in wrongly it seems
My Account name on Gameflip is : ensklwd88
email is the same: dfjoustra@live.nl
I dont know the Invite Code, but i can give you my phonenumber
Can someone help me as soon as possible ?

Thanks in advance

And I’m not able to send a moderator a message with my phonenumber :frowning:

Please open a ticket and inform all of this so support can help you.

doesn’t work, because i don’t have my invite code

You can add anything on invite code, just make sure to send the email and phone number on the ticket

why do other users send moderators messages then when they have this problem ?

Idk, if you could help me inform them that they need to open a ticket, that would be great

no, i would like to get helped, so I won’t dissapoint the waiting buyers :slight_smile:
ill send in the ticket right now

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I tried to login just now, and it asked for a security code, WHICH i got instantly on my mobile, i entered the number, and… I can login again! :smiley:ty gameflip

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