I can't login because Gameflip didn't send the code to my phone

Ive been trying to login for 24hours and I tried to login with different browsers but still I didn’t receive the verification code. My Invite Code : Q7N5DP

SMS system “could” be down maybe.
Please wait a little bit or a hour before trying to login again.
Be careful to not over do it to much or it may block you out

If the issue get resolved please post that the issue has been fixed in topic

Lucy :heart:

Actually I waited 8 9 hours to try again but it was still same. After trying twice again gameflip sent a mail like this :

We received too many requests for login verification code without successful verification. If this is you, please consider slowing down and get help from support. If you did not make these requests, please change your account password immediately.

For your protection, the account will be suspended if we continue receiving these requests without successful verification.

Oh my

I would ask if the phone number you linked to you Gameflip account is the same as the phone you’re using but my guess you would say yes; so let tag @DunnBiscuit and they will resolve your issue.

DunnBiscuit is very good at there job and they will help you.

Lucy :heart:

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Please, contact our support team here:

Send the evidence you have so they can provide further help.


I already sent a ticket but no one answer yet, Im trying to login for 2 days and my status was online. I can’t even change it

My account suspended for trying to login too much. Gameflip support didn’t answer.

You should of waited for a reply

Lucy :heart:

is there a problem ?
I can’t login to my account for 4 days.
I tried again now, I still can’t login
I didn’t receive the verification code

Invite Code : 97B1HE

I suggest installing the Gameflip app on your phones. That way it’ll ask you for the code that is being shown inside of the app on your phone, instead of sending you an SMS.

This made it a lot easier for me.
You just open the app then go to settings and you’ll find the code there.


Don’t try anymore because my account suspended

Your account was suspended since you tried too many times to receive the code. I unsuspended it, but you will need to wait a few days to try again. If you want I can remove the phone number from your account so you can use a new one.

What do you think?

I want to use new phone number for now.


The phone number was removed from your account. You may add a new one so you can verify your account and use it normally.


I tried to add new phone number but gameflip didn’t send the code again to my new phone number

hey I pmed you. I still have same issue with new phone number. Also, Gameflip support didn’t respond. I can’t use gameflip because of security code

We will continue this conversation via PM, thank you!

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Hey! Could you help mine out as well?

can you help me as well

I would like to change my phone number linked to my account @DunnBiscuit