Not receiving verification (SMS) on my phone? Can't login.


Since yesterday I can’t login in my account cause I stopped receiving text messages from GameFlip? This were never hapend before and every time system requires me for verification - message with code is received within 5-10 sec. In past ~12 hours tried dozen times no single text received.

I will really appreciate if someone can check this and if needed to manually reset my phone/sent something to test it.

My Invite Code is: D8LZTC
Ticket related to that issue: 260169

Since we are already arround 24 hour mark while this started to happen I reached an operator of my mobile service provider and give him the number from which I ususally receive those text and they checked if there were any undelivered/pending requests in past 24 hours - nothing. Also switched my card into different phone and tried to login - again nothing received.

Number from which I received each notification (promotional) or login (verification) text is same:
+1 (925) 326-6606

This starting to become real pain, cause there is no alternative method to login inside my account (such as receiving code to my primary E-Mail or something similar) except contacting support via ticket which with my previous experience get answered within at least 48-72+ hours (lately).

I will really appreciate if someone can manually review this issue in the system and why it occurs.

Best Regards


I just answered your ticket. If the issue, persists, we will continue the conversation over the ticket.