Sms doesn t arrive to login.

I cant login because of sms doesn t arrive.
request (252593)

Did you get an email from Gameflip titled ?

Too many requests for login verification code for your account

If you use the resend code feature too many times the site may block your number. If you didn’t get that email then maybe there’s something wrong with Gameflip’s text message system.


We received too many requests for login verification code without successful verification. If this is you, please consider slowing down and get help from support. If you did not make these requests, please change your account password immediately.

For your protection, the account will be suspended if we continue receiving these requests without successful verification.

-Team Gameflip

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Got it by e - mail, but sms didn t arrive before that.

Send your phone number to or private message a moderator and see if they can unblock your number if it is. Can you have a friend text your phone number and see if your phone is able to receive? What country are you in, maybe there is a new rule that’s blocking that number.