Sms doesn't arrive to login

Can’t login because the sms doesn’t arrive. The problem starts at 20 september. Some hours later I finally could login but the day later I can’t login all the day again with the same reason. After many attempts a few sms arrived in 20-30 minutes but it’s already too late because sms valid only the next 5 minutes. As I knew - will come a day the sms will not arrive to login! I already broke one phone! I wonder WHY Gameflip still ddin’t integrate 2FA to mobile authenticator?
How, tell me HOW can I login if there is the problem with delivery sms on your end??
Admin check please the ticket 146080 and Gameflip please URGENTLY fix the problem if became some troubles with delivery sms on my mobile provider!

same problem please help !

ticket : 146145

Hey @ZL6H I saw that your ticket was already answered.

@Perfectus, please contact us at, so we can investigate this further.