Not receiving the verification code on mobile

I am trying to login but I didn’t receive any security code on my phone whatsoever,
I already wrote 2 times in the support they asked me to send mail and phone number specified during registration and I sent it all, but instead of sending me the code on the phone, support sent my username to my mail and I still can not log in in my account, help me please. I have not been able to log in to my account for more than a week, here is the phone number specified when registering +77083532862, since I can not provide the invite code. I contacted my cellular operator, they said that I was fine with receiving SMS messages, I completely checked all incoming messages, I even put this phone number in another cell phone. But every time I try to enter my account, I do not receive SMS on my phone, what should I do now? what will happen to my money and things that are sold on your website, how do I get them back? you can send my things that are sold on your website to my steam account which was specified during registration?

@DunnBiscuit help me please

I had the same issue, it got ignored with some reply like “Reinstall the app”.

Maybe someday I’ll get a reply lol

I do not have an installation on my phone, I sold items on the site

Exactly! I too just want to sell items from the website. I dont have the app installed either

We checked our logs and SMS messages were delivered to your phone many times this month. It took on average less than 30 seconds from request time to delivery time.

Based on that, I have no idea what could be causing your problem. Maybe your carrier?

Could you please try again, but do not try more than once every few minutes. Give it about 5 minutes to try again if you don’t receive the SMS on your first attempt.

If after that you are still locked out of your account, please PM me so we can try testing other ways but as I told you, everything looks fine on our end.

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@op_JOkEr Hello, thank you for noticing my problem, I did exactly what you recommended, but the sms code never came, I reconnected with the mobile phone operator of my phone number they said that I have no restrictions, I also tried install this phone number in other mobile devices, but it did not help, the last time when I received the sms confirmation code from the gameflip was on February 14.
I’ve been trading on the gameflip since November 2017 and I did not have such problems, the sms code came regularly, I no longer know what to do to solve this problem, help me please in solving the current situation.

@op_JOkEr I tried to PM but I couldnt find a way to PM you

Could you please try again, but do not try more than once every few minutes. Give it about 5 minutes to try again if you don’t receive the SMS on your first attempt.

I tried it a couple of times but now it has blocked me now.

Click on my profile. There’s a button to send message

Cant see any message button :confused:

This same problem has been happening to me as well but not on this account because i had to make a new account just to post this

Hello @Holmeje_Gaming,

Could you please contact the support team using the link below?

If you have already opened a ticket, please provide me the number so I could take a look. :wink:

God Speed! :trident:

Do you want me to send a phone number?
If so : +86 158 1461 5893

Edit: I have also received emails that i have to many login fails, which i cant control because I cant receive the code to long in

Since I can’t a text for the code is there any other way to access the account?

Hello @Holmeje_Gaming,

Did you open a ticket for this issue? Was your issue already resolved?

God Speed! :trident: