Error sending verification code

When I want to enter my account and enter my username and password, I get the following message: “Error sending verification code to … by SMS”, and I can not login.I tried to write gameflip help center ,but i forgot my Invite Code and i cannot see him because I CANNOT LOGIN IN SITE.

My trader name- Dzeko Lovelich.I have 112 feedback ratings.Please help me.

Are you sure the phone number is correct? Can you try using another phone to send yourself a text message?

Check your email and see if you got a Gameflip warning that too many SMS is being sent (you will get permanently blocked if you have too many retries). Wait like 5 minutes before signing in and sending the text message again. If you still can’t login, you can private message the moderator your phone number you used to register on the site

If you don’t see the Message button on the top right of that moderator’s profile, keep browsing this forum for 15 minutes and that button should be visible.

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Phone number correct and i testing send sms from another phone in this number -everything working.
And i check email - 0 message about too many sms.

I reg on november 2017 and all time this number good working, i dont know whats problem with it.Wait for an answer from the moderators - is problem on site gameflip or only in my phone.
If problem in phone number ,how i can change my phone number in my account?

thanks who help me.All working.I got sms from site and log in.Close this post.

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