Error sending verification code. Help me

Hello! When I want to enter my account and enter my username and password, I get the following message: “Error sending verification code to … by SMS”, and I can not login. I checked that SMS is coming to this number with other phones. Please help me.

Profile Code AN5XGL


did you try another number? if not try to use another number if you already tried it so, You will need to contact the support tell them That you didn’t receive any SMS they will send to you SMS with that code.

Support is not responding for 2 days. I can not answer the buyer who opened the dispute.

@DarkKnight He will help you for sure! he’s a good moderator!

Hello stil204061!

In this case, I have removed the phone number from your account.

Once you log in to your account again, it will request to verify your phone number to it, so register the same phone number again and let us know in case the issue persists.

This should work :wink:

God speed! :trident:

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Hello! The problem is resolved. Thank you!

Glad to hear that have a great time on gameflip! :blush:

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