Can't verify phone number

Hello, I have recently tried creating a game flip account to try and sell some items but every time I try verify my phone number, it doesn’t send me the text. I am sure I have got the region correct (Aus +61) and my number, but it just doenst come through to my phone. I also tested to see if it worked on my friend’s phone and he got the verification message instantly. Any help would be appreciated

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When you entered your phone number the first time, there was no error message, just that it says a text message was sent to your phone? If so then the phone number should be allowed.

Sometimes the text message is not instant, but takes several minutes, so wait for it and be sure not to use the “resend” feature again too quickly, because the website will permanently block you for sending too many text messages.

If you’re still having problems, please go to your Gameflip profile and paste your invite code here so a moderator can help you.


hello, i’m having the same issue i can’t seem to verify my phone number it says there’s a problem with To: number but i’m sure of the country code and my number.
please help my profile code is L777AT

Hello! Can you confirm your phone country and phone carrier? You may send this info via PM to me. I’ll gladly help you further. Thanks!