I can't login because Gameflip didn't send the code to my phone

Hello @Giftcard!

Have you opened a ticket for this request?

If not, please contact the support team using the link below ok.

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Good day/evening I also have the same issue in my account. The phone number associated in my account is a number I lost access to for a long time already. Is there any way it can be removed by you so that I can replace it with my current number. I have orders and messages I can’t respond to. I appreciate your urgent help. Thank you.

Hello @Flack0!

Sorry for the wait.

Have you opened a ticket for this issue? If not, please open one in the following link and inform me the number ok.


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Is there anyway of helping me get the two step verification removed bc I will never show me a code regardless if I’m on browser or on the app itself I’ve been unauthorized to do anything I even lost a sell due to the thing not working I’ve tried and tried and before I mess up and get locked out completely I could really use a hand and advise. I sent in a ticket to no response

Hello @MADDOG6195!

Have you opened a ticket for this issue?

If not, please open one using the link below:

Make sure to inform your profile code and phone number inside the ticket ok.

Once the ticket is opened, please inform me the ticket number here.

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I’ve sent the tickets in and last response I got was about my phone number and email address about 24 hours ago

Is there any way I can talk to someone without waiting 24hours a day or longer to get a response or have to wait for a approval. I’ve been out of my account for four five days and everyday I have to deal with automated bs when id like for someone to actually respond and help me get the 2FA off my gameflip because I don’t get a message nor do I get a sms. My phone has been out of minutes for so long that I don’t understand why they can’t send the code to my Gmail account that’s associated with my gameflip account so I can remove it myself because I’m never going to attempt to even set it up anymore because this has been a big waste of time and I’ve lost $85 worth of sells and all I get is a sorry get up with a automated response through gameflip help zesk or whatever it’s called. I’m literally to the point I’m going to cut ties with gameflip and use another buy and sell group.

Hello @MADDOG6195!

I’m going to help you with your issue ok, but I’m not able to help, since you did not provide me any information regarding your account (Profile code or ticket number).

Once sent, I will start verifying your case and help you out the best way possible ok.

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The ticket number is #871989

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Profile code is RC4PYP

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Any luck helping me out?

Hello @MADDOG6195!

I have requested a Support Team member to help you out.

They informed that they have just sent you a response back through the ticket.

Please check when possible.

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Hello @MADDOG6195!

I can see that your issue was solved.

Please verify the recommendations that the Support Team informed you inside the ticket regarding 2FA.

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Hi would you be able to help me with a similar issue?

I have a similar issue, but for me the number that used to be registered years ago is now expired so any code sent will not render. Moreover, the double verification system was new to me as i have been offline for a long while. When i was processing a sale, the verification popped up so i just obliged so i can get maximum security, I just tapped and activated the number one forgetting that it was my old number registered, not my new one.

Now I’ve received a warning (no prior knowledge about it) that It has sent too many verification, so i’m currently idle on gameflip as further app opening will result into suspension. I’m currently waiting for a response in my ticket, wish the process could be sped up and not prolong, since according to the mail 1-2 business days.

Hello @Ikno!

As informed in another topic, I can see that your issue was solved by the Support Team.

Hope you have a great day!

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Hello @2iQ!

Could you please inform me your profile code or ticket number?

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F8BJT6 this is my profile code

Ok so my ticket escalated, since i just sold something they are asking for a even greater proof, an id, which is understandable.

Back to the main problem here is the problem it’s asking for my aunts id, in which she now subsides away from our house, in fact she is not replying to any of our message because her phone broke, but we are able to contact her via a friend but they currently aren’t living together now.

I’m definitely in the wrong here probably because i was too hesitant and impatient back then that I asked her for help onto verifying in gameflip years ago. Though i always knew my phone number was in the account, but i guess i was wrong the entire time, since it was my older number (which is now expired). I checked my photos back in 2020, i saw the registered phone number being my number but for some reason it’s different on the account today but the email address is the same so i dont think its on a different account (to my knowledge i dont think you can make multiple accounts with the same gmail) . (I can show proof)

though I have one of her id’s I’m not with her right now so a selfie would be impossible (concurrently).

I have evidence of recording of a recent sale thats why in the ticket it says it has balance and is now asking for an id, it’s just that i used my account since that was my main eversince I joined gameflip and it hasn’t changed since. Plus my ratings their are good making the sale better.

And yes, this problem started because I taught my phone number was my newer one instead of the old one, so i picked number for authentication by impulse, in which i should’ve just picked the iphone/apple authentication.

Is there any alternatives I can do or other possible things i must send for evidences?