I can't login, I din't receive verification code.

Hello! Excuse me, I have a concern. I try to log in, but I do not get the verification code, so I tried to start session with different browsers, and now the following email has arrived:

Hi ***,

We received too many requests for login verification code without successful verification. If this is you, please consider slowing down and get help from support. If you did not make these requests, please change your account password immediately.

For your protection, the account will be suspended if we continue receiving these requests without successful verification.

-Team Gameflip

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I’m afraid that my account may be suspended, I do not know what to do.

My invitation code is: ZSFMLN


I have already reached my verification codes very late to my phone, these surely have expired. But now I’m afraid to log in, I do not know if my account maybe was blocked, or if I try to start a session I get blocked.

Problem solved, fortunately my account was not blocked. Anyway thank you very much.