Can´t get the security code to log in

Hi, i have a problem with my mobile network not working anymore so i don´t get the security code to log into my account and iam not logged in in the mobile App anymore. I also can´t submit a request in the help center because i don´t know my invite code and as far as i know theres no way to get it without logging in.

Right here

you forgot to tell me my invite code, othwise you didnt even read to the end before posting your nonsense

I dont know your Invite code, but one of the moderators can help you @Tali or @DunnBiscuit PM them also show some respect kid

saying the guy replying without even reading the whole 2 sentences i wrote.

I don’t want to waste my time on you, I’v tried to help you but it seems you will wait for someone else :slight_smile: I’v opened a 20 tabs, all recently created threads and started replying who ever needs contact info. I’v probably just replied on wrong thread but still I haven’t posted a nonsense. You have just joined a forum as I said show some respect and everything will go easier next time. I’v helped many people here to fix their problems, really friendly people but you are not worth it. Cya

yeah definitely not nonsense posting a solution that is alrdy talked about not being an option. calling me a kid after not showing respect urself. Imo it is kind of disrespectful to reply without even reading the thread…w/e

I have this problem before.First you shouldn’t try login many times. You should ticket the problem and tell them you want to unlink your phone number.When you can login without your old number you can add new one.Also If you try more than 25 login with your number your number can get ban for 30 days.

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