So disapointed with gameflip supporter

Hi, my account was suspended last month because I selling fortnite items which gameflip don’t allow it. They said my account will be unsuspended after 30 days, it’s from 16 April. But after 30 days, I contact them again to tell them unban for me, they just said because I use another account in that time so my account is suspended permanent? I really don’t understand because I don’t do that. and I’m so disapointed with them because I always have to wait 3 days for only 1 answer after I sent ticket, and every reply from them always take 3 days, I really don’t know how many supporters working in gameflip?
Here is my code: 2D6GWZ
I hope some mod in here can read this and help me with my problem, thanks!

Unfortunately yes.

Instead of waiting to get your suspension cleared, you created another account to keep selling irregular items. Threfore your account got permanently suspended.

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