Account suspendeddd

I do not agree to the suspension of my account for 30 days. I have more than $ 20,000 in items stuck in my account, gameflip has the right to suspend anyone’s account. , just do not think right to leave blocked the withdrawal of items, depending on the items. I would like you to review my case, I am not asking for the suspension to be withdrawn, I just want my items. gameflip does not respond or support. just block and send an automatic msg and you’re done. my code: E589X1. I await resolution

Hi Turbo_Skins,

Your account was suspended after two warnings were sent about bad language and behavior.

It’s been a week and I hope you understand the reasons of the suspension. Please, do not repeat that in the future. I’m lifting your suspension for now.

I thank you for the confidence, there will not be this kind of attitude on my part! but I had not seen the alerts. thank you