Account suspended! Any insight on my situation?

Hi there, my account was suspended on the 24th of October for asking for account information, I did not realise gameflip didn’t allow this - I am quite new to gameflip and how it works but it’s understandable. I have used a few other trading sites and this hasn’t been an issue thus far.
I created a ticket as soon as I woke up realising I was suspended and I was told that the suspension would end on the 24th of November.
I understand how it may seem suspicious but I’d like to say I had zero problems with my buyers and had only good feedback and even a couple return customers.
Anyway the reason I’m contacting you is because I’m happy to wait until the 24th to start selling again but I am in desperate need for my funds as I’ve been underpayed by my work.
I understand if you can’t help me with that, but could I atleast get confirmation that I will be able to access my account on the 24th? Any email I send is not getting a reply.
I’m sorry if this is not the right way to contact you but any insight on my situation would be great, thanks for your time!
My invite code is NDBP87

After 24th November you will have full access to account. Selling/Buying will be just like before suspension and your funds will be available too.

Okay thanks for replying - this is what was said " It will last until 11/24, please contact us after that date so we can evaluate your suspension. "
Does this mean I won’t have instant access, but I will have to contact them again?

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Yeah, you can contact moderators here @Tali or @DunnBiscuit. Just PM them on 11/25 and they will unlock you account same day. They are very active so you wont wait much.

Okay thank you for the help!

You can either message us here on forum or open a ticket too, since nov 25th will be on sunday, to make sure you get your account suspension removed asap.

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