Account suspended pls help??

Hey there Gameflip
I started using gameflip couple days ago it all started when i got a overwatch key from a friend which i didnt want to play so i decided to sell it and i sold it on gameflip all went good gameflip was fast and good with great costumers it said to wait 3 days for the wallet because the account is new its ok i waited but when the time has come to take my money i click and i see account suspended is there any admin or someone to give me the reason why i got suspended so i can explain ?? im sure i didnt do anything to get suspended

1 thing to mention since im new and i dont know the rules of gameflip i listed my batllenet account to sell which was not allowed on gameflip, and the other day it got deleted i thought i deleted it accidentally so i relisted it without knowing that gameflip deleted it when i relisted it i saw 2 emails from gameflip where they told me that selling accounts is not allowed so i went and deleted the account ito selling list so i guess this is the reason but if there is any other reason i can explain too

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey, do you mind sending via PM your invite code so I can help you with it?