Need help, my account suspended

Hi! i sell some bf4 key/accounts, csgo skins and more other things and my account suspended from yesterday and im wondering why ? :frowning: i have 20USD in wallet and i cant use them, 1 skins on csgo to sell and i cant recover my items. my rate is 26good 1neutral and 0poor .

Selling accounts are prohibited on gameflip. That must be the reason why they did it.

i sold them without any problem from the buyer

It doesn’t matter if the selling of the account went “great” and the buyer rated you positive. Selling accounts is strictly prohibited by Gameflip and It will result in a permanent suspension of your account.

They can’t lift that suspension.

You still can try to contact support, but trust me, if that was the reason for your account get suspended, you won’t get them to unsuspend you.


Please PM me with your invite code so I can help you further?


GG6MP2 thats my code, help plss


Can u unsuspend pls?

My account got suspended too for no reason I only sell rocket league items

Why nobody answer ?

I just checked your account and saw that your account was suspended due to you selling fake codes.

Unfortunately I can’t help you further.