Suspended account , help me

Hello , i am new on gameflip and i want to know why my account is suspended ? I sold 5 rocket league keys and a gta5 game for steam without problems ! I have 4 positive rate , 0 negative and 0 neutral ! But why my account is suspended ? when i tried to sell my last game ( H1Z1: KotK ) there appears a message : Account Suspended ! what can i do in this situation , and i have 22USD in wallet and i can’t use them :(( I am so sad , i need some help !

Where did you acquire the games you’ve been selling?

I received them from a friend of mine , he gifted me for my birthday . I dont know from where he bought those keys , probably g2a .

Well, what happens with keys from places like these is that they’re usually not legitimate and there’s a high chance that your account was suspended due to that.

Codes from unreliable sources usually gets revoked and that could take a while. Even if the buyer redeems the item and rates the seller positively, the revoke can come after and wipe the game out of their library.

Selling keys like that is a violation of our terms of service.

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Ok , I understand , yes I received only positive reviews , in future I will not sell those type of keys , only from steam ! But I want that my account to be unsuspended because I have 22 usd and I can’t withdraw them or use :frowning: Thanks for help :smile:

Why your friend give to you 5 rocket league keys?

Not steam keys , in game items ( like cs:go keys )

Please follow up with support. If the case I mentioned is correct, we cannot unsuspend. That’s a violation of the terms that causes monetary and reputation losses to Gameflip as we reimburse the buyers upon providing convincing evidence that the keys were revoked.