I Got Suspended For Nothing!

hello, yesterday i sold some keys and got some money, today i went ahead to buy some skins and they told me account suspended?? what happend?? this is unfair, why cant i buy skins!
please unsuspend me i didnt do a thing :confused: :’(

Have you contacted support?

Yes i did :confused: i whish they unsuspend me :frowning: its Γ  20$ worth of Steam keys :’( this is unfair

Hey @Lac_Rizze, since you already contact support, just wait a reply from them, your case will be solved as soon as possible.

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Hello, you probably have been banned for selling a prohibited item. Which are selling β€œRandom Steam Keys” considering you stated you sold steam keys. This is not allowed on Gameflip, Therefore, you have been banned, Where you may asked? This was stated when creating a listing and in the TOS.

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@dunnbiscuit or anybody please help with my topic please!