Account Suspended WITHOUT A REASON

I do not understand why I got an account suspension. I sold the keys [bundle] for, under each lot I wrote what games are in it. I even tried to write the name of the game and its real price. What is the problem? What am I supposed to do? Or are you trying to ban those who have a lot of money on their wallet?
I can not even log in to the account because I’m even blocked from logging in. My nickname is: SteamKeysShop
I believe this is a system error.
My account:
Thank you.

me too man i didnt even do anything i need help i had money there…

On the second day, my account was unbanned. Thanks.

but mine account wasnt unbanned not thanks… HELP ME SOMEONE

Yeah mine is still suspended for no reason as well. Really wish I at least knew why or how to get this resolved.

Can you PM me your invite code or the phone number you used to register your account so I can check the reason for you?