Why is my account suspended ???

Why my account Lucasshop was suspended? I never scam Someone,All my listings was 100% legit im confused

I have this problem also and l have more than 100$ on account…

My friends too with 20$ , i think gameflip was scammers

ldk but my account was suspend for more than one year and they say l sold fake cd keys but everyone give me good feadback…

good feedback means nothing… I also 1 week ago bought game and everything was fine. I rated seller good… and today I got message on steam:

"Your recent Product code activation has been revoked due to a problem processing payment for this item. The games associated with this product code can no longer be played as a result. This could be due a problem with the payment methods you used to acquire this item from a third-party seller; or a problem with how the third-party seller acquired the Product code. Please contact the seller you acquired the Product code from for assistance.

If you would like to purchase the item, please visit the Steam Store. Otherwise you may choose to delete the local content associated with these games."

So… seller is bad… because I didn’t get what I bought, and now Gameflip will refund me money… and that seller those money already withdrawed. So… they can only suspend him…

keys could not be refunded in the last 2 years :wink:

Me I sell items on rocket league and stuff on fortnite . I can’t scam because I give the items first

of course keys can be revoked…as u can see…if steam get message that those keys are wrong/hacked or something else… steam will ban key and u will lost game.

Check your email inboxes for an email from Gameflip that might state why you were suspended. The forum moderators here need your invite code to identify you.

Did you sell prohibited items, ask the user to rate first, or impersonate Gameflip in the comments (or use an alternate account to do so)?

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