My account got banned and i dont know why

I had 270$ on that acc. And now its banned i dont know why. One day before i sold my rocket league keys, and after this day i wanted to cahsout the money to my paypal and know its banned. I also dont know my invite code. Pls help!!!
I got this email from gameflip:

After looking into your account, we see that it was suspended for the following reason(s):

  • Scamming users in listing comments
  • Involvement in other suspicious or fraudulent activity, such as impersonating Gameflip in an alternate account

The suspension is permanent.

Gameflip Help

But i never scammed or writed any scam comments pls help me i lost my 270$ :disappointed_relieved:

Gameflip can check if you have alternate/previous accounts that were used for scamming, and of course look at your current account for scam comments/listings.

If you think support made a mistake then private message the moderator the phone number you registered on Gameflip. The “Message” button will appear when you have browsed the forums for 15+ minutes.

I cant send him a message :frowning: what should i do now ?

You’ll need to keep the window open until you have 15 minutes of read time. It currently shows you have 7 minutes.

Ouh ok ty :slight_smile:

As you posted, the reason(s) have been emailed to you. You’ve scammed people through “comments” (impersonating Gameflip) as we’ve seen so many complaints from the forum. It’s no good to appeal here!

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