My account has been banned without reason

On Friday or Saturday I do not remember either I began to withdraw my money to my paypal account but every time I sold something expensive (50-60-100) I withdrew instantly, I think I accumulated +290 dollars withdrawn in different transactions and I think that’s why They banned me but it does not make sense they did it permanently. I received this message: After looking into your account, we see that it was suspended for the following reason (s):

  • Involvement in other suspicious or fraudulent activity such as impersonating Gameflip to scam users in the marketplace, using an alternate account.

The suspension is permanent.

Gameflip Help. I need to please Gameflip do something about it because I need that money and I was very wrong to know that a page with good reputation banned me for something meaningless. Please gameflip investigate my account well and remove the ban. (THIS ISNT MY BANNED ACCOUNT)

Hey, please send me via PM your invite code, so I can check your account for you?

If you can’t remember your invite code, please send me the phone number used to register your Gameflip account.


DPHB68 that is my invite code.