Account got Suspended and support isn't answering

Hello, my account got suspended a week ago and support isn’t answering my ticket that was sent right after my account got suspended. I seriously don’t understand why my account got suspended. I was selling rocket league items with pretty good Reputation on Gameflip and Steam.

That’s my account

I still have more than $54 on my Gameflip account and I am a long year customer & seller. I was just trying to verify my account and a day afterward I received the massage that the verifycation has failed because my account got suspended. I would like to know why my account got suspended and how I can at least get my money out of there. I’d appreciate any help with this.

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My Invite code: EN21UP

As I checked, your account was suspended due to it being an alternate account from an impersonator one.

Therefore I can’t provide you further help.