Why was I suspended on Gameflip

I’ve gotten suspended for god knows what. I’ve made around $50 on gameflip and all that money has gone to waste. If you were to look at my ratings all of them are positive and I have no bad ratings. I’m still making sales during my suspension and I don’t want to have bad ratings over suspensions so all I ask of you guys is to please unsuspend me so I can get back to business. And I would also like all the money that I’ve made on Gameflip transferred to my PayPal account. My Gameflip name is LTK_Myst I don’t have access to the invite code because I cannot get into my account. All I really want is for Gameflip to unsuspend me so I can continue doing what I was always doing, thank you for your time.

Duplicate thread.

I understand that this is a duplicate thread but when one of their moderators asked me a questing and I answered it said the the topic had been closed so I made a new one.

My friend made the account for me I don’t have the phone number for th Account I’m so sorry. But what if I gave you my email and password for my Gameflip can you then acces the account ? Because I really want my Gameflip account back.

Don’t give your account + password to anyone. That’s inviting problem.

Use the normal channel by creating a support ticket here: https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

When the account is suspended, you should receive a reason via email or SMS. If you signed up with fake email and fake phone, then this action alone is itself suspicious.

Sorry I didn’t know but can I please get the money back from the account that I’ve rightfully earned because I let a lot of stuff go with my Gamflip account and I don’t want my money going to waste thank you.


Without the information I asked you in the other topic, I’m afraid i won’t be able to find your account.

Since I can’t find it, I can’t check why you were suspended and if this can be lifted from your account.

Here is the information I need to find the account:

  1. Invite code;
  2. Email used to create the account;
  3. Phone number that was used to register the account.

1 you don’t have, 2 you gave me an email, but there is no record of an account created with such the email. So I’ll need 3, the phone number from it.

Please, try to get one of those 3, so I can provide you further help.

Thank you.

Try the email jrkev144@gmail.com that should be the right email.

Unfortunately there is no account with such email that could be located.

I’m afraid that I won’t be able to help you further without the other two information (invite code and phone number).

I’m sorry.

That screenshot shows the email verification code, that’s not your invite code.

Are you able to give a link to your profile (even if it says User Not Found)?

My friend made the account for me I don’t have the phone number for th Account I’m so sorry.

If you can’t provide these correct identity information then there’s no way for the moderator to look you up.


There it is

I sent the link to my Gameflip

they dont work on weekends.

Oh okay guess I’ll wait

As I checked, your account was suspended since it was an alternate account from one that was selling items such bate codes and or accounts.

Unfortunately I’m unable to help you further here.

Yea but i stopped all of that because I didn’t know that selling account was forbidden. If you see the new account that I have I’ve just been selling ingame items. And if I log in to the first account I was suspended would I be suspended again ?

No second chances here.
As he said “Unfortunately I’m unable to help you further here.”

Ok when will I get unsuspended on my account then ?