My Gameflip Suspension

I’ve gotten suspended for god knows what. I’ve made around $50 on gameflip and all that money has gone to waste. If you were to look at my ratings all of them are positive and I have no bad ratings. I’m still making sales during my suspension and I don’t want to have bad ratings over suspensions so all I ask of you guys is to please unsuspend me so I can get back to business. And I would also like all the money that I’ve made on Gameflip transferred to my PayPal account. My Gameflip name is LTK_Myst I don’t have access to the invite code because I cannot get into my account. All I really want is for Gameflip to unsuspend me so I can continue doing what I was always doing, thank you for your time.


In order to find your account I need the information below, send me 1, 2 or all of them via PM:

Your invite code;
The email you used to create Gameflip;
The phone number you used to register the account.


If you can search my Gameflip account through what is connected through my PayPal my PayPal’s email address is The name of the account should be LTK_Myst. That email should be the email I use to create my Gameflip account. If not then the email might be Please help because I love this app and I want to try to get to be a top seller with NO bad ratings. I really love this app and I want to continue doing what I’m doing. Thank you.


I couldn’t find any accounty with the information you sent.

Please send the phone number you used to verify the account via PM.

Thank you.