Why my account got suspended?

I sent a ticket to support asking why and how I got suspended and they sent a message back like they helped or anything the last 3 purchases I made where legit as of any of the purchases I made since I found this app/website. And its messed up that I got a link after I was suspended and the link itself looks a little suspicious. I just want my account to be unsuspended so I can purchase xbox live and gift cards again

they sent a message back

What did the message say?

If you need help from a forum moderator, they’ll need your invite code so they can identify your Gameflip account. If you’re unable to get that then you can post the support ticket number so the moderators can refer to it.

the link i got at first was saying that someone disputed me which is BS and after that they sent a message wanting a rating on how they resolved my problem (which they didn’t) cause apparently i cant buy anything.

S/N if any mod is reading please look into this for me my Invite code is: HC491K

Bump. Im still looking for why I’m suspended. Moderator please look into it

As i checked, I saw that you disputed some purchases you made via your payment processor. Therefore a permanent suspension was placed into your account.

I’m sorry, I’m unable to help you further.