I have been suspended

I have been suspended for no reason. I am not that rich actually My family is pretty poor so i dont have that many games and gameflip was the way i bought My games. My birthday was march 4 and i didnt get anything for My birthday so i bought mario odyssey from gameflip. I had around 60 dollars in My account and i just want to spend the money then you Can ban me again. Just innan me for 1 day please. My mail was sopohd@gmail.com and My name was Lebek. I al so sorry if i have Done anything WRONG but i just want to soend the rest of the 60 dollars. My Code is 5QGPNZ

HOPE u can fix the problem bro

Thanks dude i really hope someone from gameflip ses this and helps me :slightly_frowning_face:

Please someone reply foton gameflip

I got an MESSAGE where it Said that i got unsuspended but i am still suspended

Hey… your account has been temporarily suspended due to the sale of items that are against our Terms of Service, for example, iOS codes for Fortnite. Your suspension has been lifted.

Please read our Terms to avoid putting your account at risk for another suspension.

I hope you understand.