I've Been Suspended For No Reason

So @DunnBiscuit suspended me for an apparent “scam attempt” yet my problem is that I don’t know why I have been suspended and my post last time has been deleted for some reason. It’s completely unreasonable to suspend me for no reason.
Heres my case:
So Last week (maybe 2 weeks) I bought 2 $10 Gift Cards For Xbox. So when I went to redeem them they refused to work. I contacted the seller like I was meant to do. And asked for a refund. He went to Microsoft to see if the code was working for him. (which it was which I find ok with.) But then I open a dispute annoyed that I’m paying for a code which I cannot use and ask for a refund and ask the guy to sell to another user. He refuses. Or to keep the code to himself. I open a dispute I don’t get a reply until 2 days later. Then the seller contacts gameflip here same as I did and get a reply within the first few hours. All of a sudden the purchase is completed and I have 2 codes which are completely useless to me. And then later @DunnBiscuit goes onto my dispute and decides to suspend my account for an apparent scam attempt. WHY I have no idea he refuses to go into detail and just leaves it at that. So now I have nothing to do. And I am furious with the lack of justice. And this whole Buyer Guarantee went completely out of the window. I also made another post similar to this one but that got deleted so I’m back complaining about the lack of justice. Just because I wanted a refund my account got suspended

He replied:

"Both codes are working. So we can’t refund it. As the seller said you will need to contact MS support so they can provide you further help.

If the codes had any issues or were listed wrongly, then i could help. But this isn’t the case."

It seems both codes proved to be working. I’d guess they removed the topic because you’ve posted about it over and over while lacking comprehension. If you have additional evidence you didn’t provide you can try to submit a new ticket (may be too late now). Otherwise I’m not sure who you are appealing to. I lost a case when some idiot didn’t realize Gamer 3D was the name of the movie and that 3D UltraViolet doesn’t exist (I guess support didn’t either.) You just have to move on.


I suspended your account due to you opening disputes on more than 4 purchases where the codes were all valid/working.

For me it is clearly a scam attempt. If you have issues with your MS/xbox account when redeeming codes, you need to contact MS support for further help.

Unfortunately, due to the reason the account is suspended, the suspension can’t be reversed.

Thank you.

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