Got BANNED very unreasonably!

Gameflip Buyers be very cautious.

Here is the run down. I’ve been buying from Gameflip since 2017, bought thousands on it to say the least, however, I got suspended and banned yesterday.

I made a purchase for a $50.00 Googleplay Gift card from a seller name GiftCardWorld. After purchasing it, GiftCardWorld sent me a private msg stating he will provide codes in 2, (25/25), which I said that’s fine as long as the codes work.

I sent me the first one, which I load onto my account and worked fine. 5 minutes later, he sent me the second one (25.00), which I tried loading and it did not work. It says it was already claimed by someone else.

The seller kept stating it worked before he sent it, which clearly does not work. I disputed this claim as per Gameflip’s protection since I did not get the full amount as intended.

The next day, my account was suspended and said I made fraudulent claims and also released my money to the seller GiftCardWorld, which I cannot get back obviously.

So I got suspended and got scammed half of the money I paid for. Gameflip clearly does not review the evidence and review the accounts of the seller and buyers to determine which side is the winning party. We even have a huge dispute via chat between me and seller which they also clearly did not review as well.

So buyers, whether you are NEW or even old timers like myself since 2017. They don’t care if you spent 10,000 with them or be loyal. You can get banned for $25.00 that you got scammed for. Buy with caution folks. It’s pretty sad that not all, but most of the Gameflip staffs don’t really care much even though they say that is “100 percent” secured! don’t worry!..that’s not true in this case.

I’m not upset over the money lost, but I’m just disappointed over the facts that Gameflip does not care at all whatsoever, it’s basically when a dispute comes up. “ohh wells, let’s just eeny, meeny, miny, moe on this one, okay seller wins! and ban this buyer!” Very sad indeed.

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Hello, I can try to help you here, but I’ll need your invite code.

Can you please send me this?

We do care whatsoever, and if you got suspended, there is a reason behind it, I can know more about the reason if you send me the information asked.

Let’s get to the bottom of it before you can say things like “we don’t care” - which as I said, isn’t true.

Thank you.

Nothing new, I face similar situation for a week already. You can read my story if you feel upset :slight_smile:
Ask Google, for the history of this code. I remember few years ago they had some real human line which helps a lot any case (I was selected for their new services).
You should watch out the auction with delivery “within 1 day”…

It is YJWNK7 .

I did not come with up the conclusion you guys didn’t care. This isn’t the first time happened to me, but this is the worst since I got banned. Before, you guys would just send the scammer the money and I take the lost. But since I just love using your service and the deals I can snag. It was worth it for me to keep buying with the risk involved. I just got to this point that the seller clearly was in the wrong, at least half of it since I clearly “admit” as a proof that I did claim his $25.00 but disputing the other $25.00 which didnt work. So why is this fraud? If it was fraud, I could just have said. Both cards don’t work! Why would I bother telling seller that “Hey I did load the $25.00 out of the $50.00 you sold me.” That doesn’t make any logical sense to any one at all, but in the end of the day I got the shittier end of the stick but worst, got banned by you guys. I normally would not post bad things about a company but I can’t avoid what I felt as true to me at least.

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have you ever reported the other transactions, disputed them? Can you tell me any case that a simliar thing happened to you, so I can investigate further?

After further checking your account and case, we could conclude that this was a mistake and we apologize for that. Your account was unsuspended and the transaction was rescinded. Please check my PM.

Thank you.



I am a bit shocked that going on here actually can get an issue this bad corrected so quickly. I wasn’t sure if it would help, but it actually did. Thank you so much moderator “DUNNBISCUIT” for doing such an outstanding and swift action on my account and correcting the wrong and making it right. I do apologize for my statement on Gameflip, but if you were in my position at that time when it happened to you, I am sure you would be saying the exact same thing.

Once again, thank you so much for helping me fix this issue. I will continue to buy and support your company.

Btw. It was awhile back when I got scammed and had no idea on how to get it corrected when you guys sided with the scammer. It’s okay, I’m just happy this was corrected so fast.

Thank you again!


Anytime you need help, please contact me here or open a support ticket.

We are here to help and we are glad to help.

Have a great day!

Thank you.

could you check this post

I’ll check it as soon as possible.


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Hi DunnBiscuit ,

my profile/invite code: YFXSPE
Order ID that i buy initially from the seller that was causing fraudulent activity:
Order ID#: afd0b7a3-f518-4456-9afb-fefc2b224239
Order ID that i sell after purchase his gig and he told me to create a gig so he can buy the gig.
Order ID# 6fe8f566-d8d3-4a4c-8f78-cdda1189b4a7 (but i’m not intent to cause fraudulent activity).

my profile/invite code: 9XG1GE

please please advise why my account had been suspended? my profile/invite code: YFXSPE
I’m only here to buy e-gift card and the only time that i sell was for because i have buy the a GIG order ("his GIG description says “if you buy $5 of his gig , he will buy $5 my gig” Order ID
afd0b7a3-f518-4456-9afb-fefc2b224239). The GIG seller told me to buy his gig for $5 , so he can buy my gig and as i mention before. i dont sell any stuff in gameflip and dont have any product or gig to sell, but in order to completed the order i have to create a gig product for him to buy the gig and that’s why i create this gig for him, but i’m not intent to sell any stuff or cause any kind fraudulent activity in here. i’m just following his description of his gig thats why i create this gig “Order ID 6fe8f566-d8d3-4a4c-8f78-cdda1189b4a7” after i have purchase his gig.
I’m totally not aware buying his GIG “Order ID: afd0b7a3-f518-4456-9afb-fefc2b224239” and selling this GIG “Order ID: 6fe8f566-d8d3-4a4c-8f78-cdda1189b4a7” after he have told me he will buy the gig if i do buy his gig will be consider a fraudulent activity. could you kindly please un-suspended my account please “profile/invite code: YFXSPE”. i have also create a ticket #414098 to gameflip , but the issued have not resolve for more than 4 days, but since i’m in a rush to recover my account and i desperate need to buy additional e-gift card. so i create a new account “Your Code: 9XG1GE” and this time i didn’t sell anything i just buy gift card and after i have purchase and adding some funds in my wallet, Gameflip once again suspends my account. could you please kindly help me out and restore/unsuspened my account. i’m really only here to buy gift card and i’m good buyer, not here to cause any trouble or any fraudulent activity. please help me, i also have funds in my account too and i can’t make any purchase now >_<.

Thank you
Best Regards,
James Hwang

@DunnBiscuit can you review my thread and support ticket? This is my post and all of my items are verified with the retailer. I removed the ones that are physical only and I think this is unfair, if the retailer confirmed that the gift cards are okay and valid. (Code: 894VUC)