Hows gameflip admin help the scammer to cancel the transaction the evidence is clear in chat ?

Hello ,

My invite code is : HMTHWX .
Order id : 9a9b4ece-7553-4458-9d4e-cd47d2414583

4 days ago i was selling $100 Amazon for a user named Veredino De Lima , i gave him $25 x 4 and he told me that he redeemed 3 of them ( $75 ) and last card is already redeemed into another account , after that i gave him another code and he still say the same thing ! And ask me to cancel the transaction even he confirmed that he redeemed $75 successfully and open the dispute , today when i check the transaction i saw it is cancelled by admin even the buyer confirmed that he redeemed $75 ?!

This is very very very unfair for seller !!! Now i can see , scamming in gameflip is so so so easy , buyer just redeem the code and give a fake screenshot like " the code is already redeemed" and open dispute then they GUARANTY WIN THE DISPUTE ! This is not the first time i got scammed like this but this time is unacceptable !!!

@DarkKnight @MajorTom @DunnBiscuit Please help !!

That guy is clearly a scammer, answers like “this is a scam, BYE!!” “REFUND NOW” are pure evidence hahaha

Did you take screenshots of the conversation and sent them as evidence during the dispute so that the moderators took that into consideration?
If you did, then… Ooofff, it sucks that you went through that :frowning:

Scammer always act like very mad after redeem the code and calling seller as a scammer , i lost many transaction because this very easy way scam

yes , i gave physical card picture to admin , also this buyer confirmed that he redeemed $75 , and gameflip’s admin still help this scammer to cancel the transaction ?

Hello GiftCardWorld,

Could you please PM me so we could talk about this issue?

Also, I will be able to give you further detail.

God speed!

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Hi , i already send you message 1 day ago

Whats done is done. Doubt you’ll get your money back since it was already refunded, good luck dude

GiftCardWorld, We already sent a warning to you asking to do not list those gift cards from another marketplace on Gameflip, as your listings could be canceled in result of this, and yet you ignored our warning and kept listing it. Whenever we see that watermark in your photo evidence, your listings may be canceled without any other warnings.

I can further investigate this case if you want, but please, do not relist this kind of gift cards, as we will give a refund to the buyer if a dispute is opened.

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Please help me to investigate this case , thanks

Hello GiftCardWorld,

MajorTom already investigated and informed you what happened.

There is nothing else we can do about this since you bought Gift Cards from another marketplace. You have to guarantee that the Gift Cards are not fraudulent and when you are not buying from the Original source, that is hard to do.

God speed!

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Hello @DarkKnight ,
What is happened with my account , ? As my knowledge , i can guarantee all of my amazon code are physical card , and starts with AQ . Why my account got banned after investigated , i dont receive any email about account banned ?Please help me out

@DarkKnight @MajorTom @DunnBiscuit please help me out , i still got notification from buyer but cant sign in because banned

@DarkKnight @MajorTom @DunnBiscuit Please help me out ASAP , i have a lot of buyer are waiting for me and seem like they got angry because late shipping

I got more 4 bad rating since i got banned …


I sent you a pm regarding your suspension.

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Hello please help me . I have no complain about any code on whole of my sale , where is the evidence about i sold a stolen code ? Please help me out !!

did you read the PM from @MajorTom ?

I don’t understand why he got banned he was selling Amazon gift cards which is with the accepted non gaming gift cards? Admins please tell us the reason of ban so we can avoid it in the future

From what i understand, seller was buying gift cards from another marketplace (g2a or something) which could be fraudulent, thus resulting in the listing being refunded to the buyer. Multiple warnings were given but seller still ignored thus resulting in a ban (?)