Account suspended after complain about scammer ?!

Hello , my invite code is : HMTHWX , my profile link :

After i complained that i got scammed on this post : Hows gameflip admin help the scammer to cancel the transaction the evidence is clear in chat ?

Gameflip moderator take a investigate about my account and banned it with " Selling stolen amazon code " reason without giving evidence . All of my code are from physical card with cash receipt , i dont sell stolen code…

@MajorTom said " some users complained that their gift cards were revoked and their balance was lost." but im ensure that i only get complained once time and warned by gameflip team and already refunded to buyer.

Besides i dont get any complained from other users or warned by gameflip anymore .

Please @DunnBiscuit @DarkKnight @MajorTom , help me to investigate my case again . If someone got a revoked code , please tell me that case , i always ready to refund to buyer , if not please unsuspended my account and let me keep doing business . I believe that im good seller wiith 750 good rating after 3 months with gameflip…Please give me another chance …

If i cant get back my account by any chance , please unsuspend my account for 1 day and let me withdraw my funds in wallet like you did with other sellers… @DunnBiscuit

Please unsuspend my account , let me get back my funds then i can stop business … @DunnBiscuit @DarkKnight @MajorTom

@DunnBiscuit Let him get a money

Please unsuspend my account , let me get back my funds … @DunnBiscuit @DarkKnight @MajorTom , after that i will go away…

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