Gameflip banned my acc with 2,2k usd

Start selling on Gameflip few mounth ago, i have 150 good feedback
Gameflip banned my acc with 2,2k usd, i was scammed by giftcard supplier and code was revoked from my balance, no problem i’m agree with it, my faulse(
Support tell me locket permanent, have i any chance to work with gameflip in future?
If its impossible, how i can get my 2,2k usd?
My code is 2UBZPC

Hi @Quick , what was the revoked gift card for?

I just buy card for reselling and was scammed to giftcard supplier, i’m agree with revoked and already pay for it

Yes i just wanted to know what the gift card was, Amazon?

No its for seller on ebay

It was Target, can u help me?