My account with $800 pending withdrawal banned!

Hello Gameflip support,
I am a new seller on your platform and I’ve sold over 10 gift cards. I tried logging in today and I’m being told my account has being banned. I didn’t not even get an email stating why I have been banned. Also, more importantly I have over 800 USD from completed sales waiting to be withdrawn in a couple of days. What happens to that. I need that money. Please allow me to withdraw. Even if I did anything wrong, don’t I get a warning. A flat out ban is very harsh. Idek what I did wrong. I’m so stressed right now. Please help me.

I cant get my invite code since my account is banned.

But my profile id 1:2d64c2c5-3fd8-41cb-9869-f3bbfe452050/francis-usmar/

@DunnBiscuit HELP me please!!!

I also had $1000 worth of codes on sale. What happens to that as well?

@DarkKnight help me please!

@MajorTom help me please!

This really is not fair, and all of this because Xavier C bought $100x4 from me and disputed all saying NONE of the codes worked, whiles all the one’s previously i sold worked and the one’s on sale when he disputed sold and the respective buyers completed the transaction. Xavier C bought the first code at 9:47 and then the second code at 9:47 PM and the third code at 9:48 PM and the last code at 9:49 PM. And then at 9:51 PM disputed the first transaction and then 9:55 PM disputed the second transaction and at 9:57 PM disputed the third transaction and at 9:59 PM disputed the last transaction. I mean who buys back to back to back to back and disputes them all back to back to back. And now i have to bear the blunt of his actions when he clearly scammed, and now i am banned. I just checked his profile and it is actived. For the first code Xavier waited 4 minutes between buying and disputing, the second code Xavier waited a solid 8 minutes between buying and disputing the third code Xavier waited a solid 9 minutes between buying and disputing. And the last code he bought it and disputed it at the same minute. Just how is this fair?

I gave all the proof the codes were working since i am not reselling and physically have the codes in my possession.

And now i am banned because of Xavier whiles i did absolutely nothing wrong and it was Xavier that scammed.

Who buys codes back to back without checking them? Especially for a new seller you dont have any history with? Wait so long then dispute all the transactions, HE SAID NOT EVEN A SINGLE CODE WORKED!!! I MEAN HOW!!!

@DunnBiscuit @DarkKnight @MajorTom Is this fair?

@DunnBiscuit @DarkKnight @MajorTom especailly since the only history Xavier C has is buying a $13.08 amazon card from a different seller and a $16.25 starbucks and all of a sudden buys $100x4 giftcard back to back to back and disputes them subsequently back to back to back. At least buy 1 and check then dispute like a normal user. And all this proof later i was still banned and had $1000 of codes on sale and $800 pending payout.

Just how fair is this is what i am asking. HMMMM

I just wonder how it is possible that ALL the 12 DIFFERENT buyers who bought the same $100 DENOMINATION from the SAME BATCH OF CODES I HAVE never did COMPLAIN that the code was already redeemed, and they all completed the transaction and rated. And mind you they ALL bought the codes INDIVIDUALLY and NONE complained. But Xavier C on the other one who bought 4 $100 codes BACK TO BACK complained that ALL the codes were ALREADY USED. And NONE not even a SINGLE ONE was redeemable. How is that possible? And what are the possibility that can happen? It is VERY OBVIOUS Xavier C scammed and i bear the blunt of it by having my account banned.

@DunnBiscuit @DarkKnight @MajorTom was ALL of this considered before having my account banned? And why was I not GIVEN the opportunity to vindicate myself? Even tho i did but writing the date Xavier C bought the codes on a piece of paper as well as his name and the code on that paper and taking a picture to PROVE i physically have the codes in hand and i am not RESELLING! But yet again it seems that was not enough.

So, so far i have sold $1600 worth of codes on your platform. All in $100 denominations.

12 different buyers bought codes individually and NONE complained the code was already used. Xavier bought 4 $100 codes BACK TO BACK IN LESS THAN 2 MINUTES . And complained that NONE of the codes WORKED, HMMMMM SEEMS LEGIT!!

Please let me withdraw my HARD EARNED $800

I Feel this is a very deliberate attack by Xavier C since he realized i was a new seller who joined less than a week ago.

Yet still i have been banned, and NO ACTION was taken on his ACCOUNT!

I just wonder how fair this is hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

what is your seller profile ?

I am sorry to hear you have this trouble. I think some further proof you can provide is if you could contact Amazon directly to verify when the codes were redeemed. There might be a privacy issue on their end but it is worth a shot. If you can verify when the codes were used, I think that it will show that if what you are saying is true, it was used during the time when they purchased and received the code and when they disputed it. To approach Amazon support you could say your Amazon gift code doesn’t work and you want to know when it was redeemed. If you are able to provide this, it might help your case and show that the codes were unredeemed up until the buyer came along and bought it from you. Hope this helped and you get the result you wanted.

Amazon NEVER gives out this info due to privacy reasons. The only thing they are willing to say is when the codes were activated. But it is very obvious Xavier C scammed, because 12 different people bought codes from me INDIVIDUALLY and NONE had a problem and they all completed the transaction and rated, but Xavier on the other-hand bought the $400 worth of codes back to back to back, and disputed them back to back to back claiming NONE of the codes WORKED and they were all redeemed. Just how possible is that? And mind you i had other codes still on sale when he disputed the transactions, a few hours later two different people bought the last $200 i had on sale and they both rated and completed the transaction. Very very very very obvious he scammed, but i am banned and bear the blunt of his actions.

It’s quite obvious to me that there is something going on here but at this point, you have to wait for a mod or support person to help you out. At the very least, they should be at the very least let you withdraw your money.

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Hello Francis_Usmar,

After further looking into your account, we can see that it has similarities with another account that has already been banned for charging back. This issue has already been answered on another topic.