I was scammed and can't get my money back

A seller sold me a gift card with $50 balance. However, I can’t apply it. I opened the dispute immediately but the response was so slow that the transaction was automatically marked as closed and I couldn’t do anything. As a newbie, I didn’t know how to do anything but contact CS and thought is was “under the Gameflip Guarantee”

CS said that the fund was transferred to the seller account, I was totally upset about this. I am so disappointed that Gameflip just let this pass! Other people may fall for this scammer in the future!


In this case you should have opened a dispute regarding the code. Please see more about this below:

Since the transaction is completed, no refunds can be issued unfortunately;


Hello! I need help. I just purchased a pack for $25. I haven’t received anything but I want my money back or even just in app currency. I was reading the reviews and most of the recent ones said he never sent them what they paid for and scammed them out of whatever they purchased. I can’t file a dispute since there is no option, I haven’t received anything yet. The transaction is also not completed. What can i do?

Hello @Bigbuckeyes21!

Sorry to hear about this.

Could you please provide me the order ID so I can take a look?

God Speed! :trident:

Who is this seller? Maybe everyone can help report him?

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how do we get support help? Amazon removed the $500 gift card I bought 3 days after the transaction and my support ticket says 18 days now with no reply from support.

You can provide the Ticket ID here. Additionally, you can reply to the ticket to ask about it since there is no reply for 18 days. Do make sure that all the evidence/details are in the ticket.
@DarkKnight @MajorTom

@DarkKnight @MajorTom

Hi, I’m replying to this post because I couldn’t find out exactly how to open up a post myself after the tutorial certification.

I already have filed a dispute in the Gameflip zendesk help center (ticket #745528) for multiple orders that turned out to be fraudulent/duplicate codes. Normally, I’d wait for a reply on the ticket, but the last time I submitted a ticket through zendesk, I had to wait over a week. So I wanted to see if I could get my issue a proper attention and have it escalated.

Three Google Play Gift Codes purchased and I accidentally only ended up disputing for one and other two ended up being completed.
The said codes are duplicates, with 32.“same code” / 33.“same code” / 36.“same code
The reason why I ended up not putting dispute for other two were because I initially thought the issue was with the Google Play Store not recognizing my proper location, not the code. I found out about duplicate codes only after the two orders were completed.
After pointing out that I received duplicate codes, the seller immediately cancelled the disputed order, but I still have two orders to be investigated and fixed.
I know Gameflip policy states completed transactions are final and not refundable, but I also saw that buyers who have had found out legitimate issues after order completion (I’ve seen a few with Amazon Gift Card issue) were able to have their order refunded.

My user referral code: R3J5Q1
Zendesk Ticket #: 745528
Orders with issues:
f428903f-ae3a-409a-8c0e-5e8e8629afa1 (the seller cancelled and ran without a word)
5dd5a2ee-95ac-4267-8322-7c70ba45a44a (completed, but clearly a duplicate code)
479a5238-396b-44be-99e2-9cc5574af2e8 (completed, but clearly a duplicate code)

Please help escalate this issue.

Hello @Daniel_Yi,

Sorry for the wait.

I have verified your ticket and can see that the Support Team resolved your case.

Hope you have a great day!

Godspeed! :trident:

Hey can you solve mine please? It would appreciate a lot to me. I have already opened a dispute ticket and sent an email to you guys, can you somehow check them? :pray:
It has been almost 5 days since I opened the dispute ticket and the email has been 3 days. No response whatsoever.
My Gameflip profile code: NN8JWM
I don’t know if I should leak the order ID code, but you can message me if you need it.

-Tedd T

Hello @Tedd.T!

I have verified your case and can see that it was already solved.

Keep in mind that disputes take time since information might be requested from both sides.

Hope you have a great day!

Godspeed! :trident:

Hello darknight i have purchased over 30 games off the seller he was called domino he has changed his name to Arnacar all the games are coming back one by one have had 7 back now all because the keys have been revoked from the buyers steam accounts who i sold the games on to because all the keys sold to me have been asked for a refund to steam for them. Also the seller amazingseller is the same person as domino on a different account selling same games and getting keys revoked somebody needs to act fast i have submitted tickets for these games but there all coming back.

Hello @Craig_Ballantyne!

Thanks for the report.

Could you please provide me the ticket number for this case?

Godspeed! :trident:

If you like to protect other buyers from known and proofed scammers, your warning will get removed anyway. reports about sellers that try to scam become censored here in my experience.

Hello @flip,

We allow users to freely share their concerns here so we can help them out and resolve the issue the best way possible.

Now, in your case, you were spamming the same case into various posts and spreading hate. That is why we removed your posts. So this serves as a warning and if this behavior continues, you will be banned.

If you want to help buyers from sellers with suspicious actions, you could feel free to report the seller using the report function inside their profile, contact us here and inform us the seller’s profile link or you can feel free to open a ticket in the following link:


This way our team will be able to check the seller’s profile and see what can be done.

Godspeed! :trident:

i have 15 games back from 2 sellers more to come back gameflip are in no rush to sort htis out some of my tickets are 4 days old granted i have been refunded for 4 games still waiting for 11 its a hell of a lot of money for me to lose

Hello @Craig_Ballantyne,

We are doing our best to get everyone’s issue handled the best way possible.

I’m trying to help you out now, but I’m not able to help if you do not give me any information regarding the case or your account.

Keep in mind that if each case if different, they need to be resolved one by one and this takes time.

So please provide me your invite code so I can see the issue closely.

Godspeed! :trident:

i want somebody to look at this ticket please #748192

right i purchase a game on the 29th of January im a reseller i sold it on on the 1st of February only when i sold it on it had been redeemed before. So i put a dispute in with the buyer on gameflip i was in my 3 days completion yet gameflip are saying i wasnt and i clearly was i made the dispute i should no. So i contacted the game publisher battlenet and they sent me a message saying the game was redeemed before i sold it on the 1st so it could not of been the buyer on kinguin cos he purchased on the 1st and it was redeemed before that. Only game flip have refunded the seller saying that i dont have enough evidence and i also run out of my 3 day completion which is a massive lie also the reason gameflip dont want to give me a refund because instead of looking in to the case properly they give the seller a refund by mistake and now cannot give me one but the only other reason why i wouldnt get a refund if there saying i redeemed the game why would i the seller on gameflip as also got bad feedback for doing this numerous times before please somebody look at my ticket am been ripped off yet again by game flip making huge mistakes

can someone also unlock my account because of payment decline which is also a mistake

Hello @DarkKnight ,

No, I’m not spamming in any way. I did not even write about every single scam.

I see at least 4 other buyers lost a lot of money on that scammer too, according to his negative ratings. You rather ban your regulary customers that send multiple thousands of dollars on gameflips, instead proven scammers? I temporarily stopped buying for now, because thats embarresement.

I made 3 orders by this seller, two redeemed but was revoked afterwards. In the 3rd case he sold me used codes for about 100$. I open dispute already for last one, but can’t for the first two orders. Because I bougth on 28 february and the gift card got revoked just on 3th march 2022, directly after the transaction countdown automaticly confirmed to complete the transactions.
Lost again about 180$ by gameflip scammer.
Order ID

Order Total $82.60 USD
Order ID
Order Total $103.35 USD
Total Loss 82,60+103,35= $185,95 USD

After I redeemed the code Balance withheld by Amazon.

My invite code 3YRR7W

I require support with this cases.