Gameflip - scammy sellers, even worse support - AVOID

Hey, a well rated user sold me an already used card on Saturday, then he called me a scammer when I tried opening a dispute.

I found this link and apparently he’s done the same thing before, only this time it was $75.

Should I open a dispute on paypal? What else can I do? I feel powerless,Gameflip support is not getting back to me, and I can’t even leave a negative rating…

He canceled that order, but i send him the evidence required, it can happen sometimes that the sellers, sell the code elsewhere and they don’t even notice

He didn’t even ask me for any proof, he just said that his codes work and that I’m trying to scam him.

Is your purchase “Complete” or “Under Dispute + Escalated”? If it’s “Under Dispute” but not escalated yet then support hasn’t been notified, so you have to click on the button to escalate when you see it (after the seller has responded to you opening a dispute).

When did you contact support? Was it through ? It may take longer if you did it over the weekend.

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My purchase is under dispute, and it also says it’s been escalated.

I escalated on Saturday directly from the purchases tab of my account.
Look how smug he is

You can post the Order ID here for when a forum moderator reads the thread, but support should be responding to your dispute now.

Thank you, they’re talking to me through PayPal.

However whatever I said about Hi Heo still stands, he was highly unprofessional.
This is his ONLY reply to me during the whole thing

I know this problem. Trusted seller never give code redeemed to buyer, May be have some bug on GL ( read my topic)

Just an update for anyone that gets here from Google :

I’ve been talking to GameFlip directly through PayPal, they’re doing their best to drag this out as long as possible. I sent them all the necessary info on Monday (it’s now Thursday), they still haven’t made any actual progress.

They’re either incompetent or malicious, but I’m done dealing with both. Avoid this website at all costs. I bought a key from someone with 2.5k positive ratings and I still got scammed.

I’d also like to point out that you can’t leave a rating while you have a dispute open, so the seller can continue selling used codes with 0 mention of this on his profile.

You can get scammed or tricked on any site.

I’m sorry you’re upset but there no reason to tell people to not used a site because you got scammed onces. There are alot of honest seller on Gameflip.

Resolving issuses will take time no matter what site you used. Please be patient.

Please don’t assume all seller are selling “used codes”

Lucy :heart:

Hey Lucy,

I’m not saying that all the sellers are selling used codes.
I’m saying that if it happens, buyers should expect to be ignored by the seller, and abysmal response times from the support.

I’m also saying that the systems in place seem to heavily favor sellers.

Hi Heo blocked me after my FIRST message to him and hasn’t been responding since. That is absolutely unacceptable.
I’ve been without a code or my money for a week now, and I still can’t leave him a negative review. That is also unacceptable.

I’ve been shopping online for 15 years now, and this is 100% the worst customer service I ever got.
So yes, overall, buyer beware.

Have you ever opened a dispute to the support team and escalated it?

If you didn’t escalate, our team won’t be able to see the dispute.

You also said that you are trying to solve thing directly with PayPal, so I think you are charging back.
If you do so you will need answers from PayPal (they will be handling your case) and your account on Gameflip will end suspended.

Returning to Gameflip disputes, can you PM with such order ID so I can help you further or the ticket number you have sent to the support team?

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It heavily favor the Buyer on gameflip.

If the code didn’t work you can open a dispute and send in your evidence. You could of won your case. You shouldn’t of want through PayPal to resolve the issue.

Gameflip is very good with giving refunds to whoever had the best evidence when a dispute is open.

To say the support team is horrible is unacceptable.
If the seller give you a bad code then block you should of opening a dispute. This would stop the timer on the item.

Gameflip is good, I believe you handled the situation poorly.

Lucy :heart:

Just to be clear: I’ve had a dispute open since Saturday. Sent in my evidence on Monday. It’s Thursday and there’s been 0 progress.

Go the forum moderator’s profile and click on “Message”, paste the Order ID of the disputed purchase so they can help you.

I’ve been talking to GameFlip directly through PayPal

I’m not sure how you’re communicating with Gameflip through PayPal, because as far as I know support is only through this forum, through email (, or through the help desk (

It takes time.
Some disputes are fast.
Some take time.

Just don’t do a charging back

Just keep a eye on your email.

Lucy :heart:

I opened a dispute on PayPal because both the seller and GameFlip support were ignoring me.

Proof that I’ve had the dispute open since Saturday:

Dispute chat history with seller:

Dispute chat history with gameflip:

Both are completely ignoring me.

After a week of GameFlip dragging this out and giving me non-answers, I’ve escalated with PayPal today.

That means that from today my communication with GameFlip is closed, and PayPal is handling the dispute directly.

I’m glad that this happened on my first purchase, it’s been very eye-opening to how GameFlip operates. I understand that mistakes happen and an used code can slip through the cracks, but the way the seller and gameflip are handling the issue is abysmal. I’m never doing business with GameFlip again, and I’m advising everyone I talk to to do the same.

I also advise anyone that gets scammed here to not bother talking to GameFlip, and to go directly to PayPal or your bank.

Thanks to everyone that tried to help in this thread.

Normally Gameflip does reviewed within up to 5 business days. I don’t think they work on weekend too.

You need to stop telling people Gameflip support is bad they normally fix most issues.

Doing charge back is not a smart move.

BTW it has not been a week being you started on a weekend when they don’t work and you didn’t send in the evidence into till Monday. So we stay the real dispute started Tuesday. This mean it has only been 2-3 day and the 3 day still has alot of hours left.

I’m sorry you had a bad time with Gameflip but I think you should of waited or read the help pages.

Lucy :heart:

I don’t know if GameFlip is paying you directly, or if you’re just saying this because you make money by selling here, but let’s just say we disagree.

Them not working weekends and having a 5 day response time is good? In what universe? Is your bar for customer service really that low?

I as the consumer have nothing to lose by escalating on paypal, what’s the worst case?

Paypal sides with me and I get banned from here for getting my money back? First off that’s scummy as hell, second I’m never shopping here again anyway.

There a few big companies to if you charge back them they would banned you.

"By charging back, you are reporting your bank that you have an issue with a purchase, thus you skipped any help from us. Any account that charges back is suspended by our system, and those accounts can only be unsuspended IF the charge backs are cancelled."

Being you didn’t let gameflip do a full review on the dispute and you take it into your own hand.

If they didn’t do things like this people could easy buy a code use it say it didn’t work do a charged back and get there money back and by passings the dispute that may side with the seller making the buyer having to pay for the code.

“Zero Chargeback Liability: When we approve an order, we stake our name on it. Sellers are granted a zero chargeback liability when selling on Gameflip. If a buyer is trying to get an unauthorized refund (chargeback) or avoid paying for a return. Gameflip takes the lead to resolve the issue with the payment providers and sellers can relax and focus on what matters the most, selling”

You could of waited into the dispute was over. Gameflip normally sides with the buyer if evidence is better then the seller. If the seller did scam you his or her evidence wouldn’t of been as good as your being you seen to have good evidence.

Let say you send in the dispute on Saturday and they started it and Monday you send in the evidence. Gameflip said they normally takes around 1-5 business days to do a review.

I’m not picking a side with you nor Gameflip
Im basically saying you should of waiting into Gameflip ended the dispute. When they’re looking over the dispute all they asking from you and the seller is time and all the evidence you / seller have for there investigation.

Have a nice day (GAMEFLIP is a family)
I wont be replying / nor opening to read this topic no more

Lucy :heart: