Problems with seller/scam buyer

Sorry I’m not sure where to post this,

I’ve been selling on gameflip for a while. I use Amazon mturk which doesn’t allow withdrawal to a UK bank account (which is where I live) but does allow you to credit US dollars on (as a gift card balance.) I use this credit to buy psn cards, which I sell on gameflip to withdraw to my paypal.

I’ve just encountered what is probably a scam buyer. They claim the card has already been redeemed. I’ve responded with screen shots of proof that the card hasn’t been redeemed from my account.

I’m worried they (gameflip) will side with the buyer. My question is, can I post the buyer information to warn sellers or do I need to wait till the dispute is settled.

Ask them to provide proof of their balance (Transaction history too, as they could have redeemed and used), and the proof of them using the code with the error. As long as you can provide proof your code was valid and hasn’t been used I don’t think it’ll be an issue.


Thanks, I’ve done that and they can’t seem to deliver. They claimed that PlayStation told them the code was redeemed a few minutes before they tried to redeem it.
I asked for screenshots and they’ve suddenly gone silent (after pestering me for another code.)

I’ve encountered this kind of scammer on eBay before, where they redeem the code then claim their account was hacked. This reverses the transaction, leaving me with a redeemed code and them with free credit.

The buyer just escalated, so I guess I’ll see how it goes

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Am I allowed to post the “buyer” username to warn potential sellers to use caution with them, or is that not allowed?

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That’s a good question I’d like to know myself seeing how bad the scammers are getting now @MajorTom

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Hello all!

If you have solid evidence that the person is a scammer, then feel free to post their profile here on the forum so we can better investigate the case.


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