Question on potential scam buyer

I’ve been selling on gameflip for a while. I use Amazon mturk which doesn’t allow withdrawal to a UK bank account (which is where I live) but does allow you to credit US dollars on (as a gift card balance.) I use this credit to buy psn cards, which I sell on gameflip to withdraw to my paypal.

I’ve just encountered what is probably a scam buyer. They claim the card has already been redeemed. I’ve responded with screen shots of proof that the card hasn’t been redeemed from my account.

I’m worried they (gameflip) will side with the buyer. My question is, can I post the buyer information to warn sellers or do I need to wait till the dispute is settled.

Just wait, u dont know the next.

That’s fair. I’m just worried because their account was made last month and they have history selling psn codes, which is what I sold them.