How GameFlip protects seller from buyer-scammers ?

Hello guys ! My profile code is : HMTHWX . This topic will be long but please read it to avoid this 2 scammer.

I just joined GameFlip for 6 days to sell gift card ! I sold thousands USD FOR gift cards and already have 81 good rating and no poor rating ! I believe i am good seller without cheating and scamming anyone .
This is my profile :
While completed hundreds of smooth transaction , i got scammed two time when selling Google Play Gift Card .
1.First time with buyer named SectorEight , this is his profile :
Order ID : 76f6dd20-8849-443e-a381-18a91475dc74

He scammed me $50 Google Play when i just joined Gameflip ,i only have like 2-3 and he has 200+ rating . He want to bully me when i sent to him $25 x 2 , he used first card and confirmed thats good , the second card said already redeemed by someone . Both of card i have checked the status in google play web : are GOOD .And after sent to him and checked again , it says redeemed by someone .

After that I already provide the evidence to the admin and i won the dispute , the transaction is cleared and completed , i got my funds and check his profile and he got banned .

But after 1 day , i saw my funds Reversal out of my wallet , also go to his profile and check the transaction again , i see his profile back again also the transaction is canceled??!

Even this scammer sais he will only pay for $25 Card in the transaction but admin refund to him full amount for $50 and i lost everything

I so confused and upset and try to forget and keep doing business.

2.Second time with buyer named : “GT: Futuo Vos Canis [OFFLINE]” , this is his profile : . He scammed me $100 single Google Play.
Order ID : 2005fa55-05ed-4ae9-b30f-31a2be7f00bf
This guy is typical of scammer , he open the transaction and rushing me , after got the code he tried to be rude and act like victim.
Before i send to him , i already checked by the same way above also recorded my screen , $100 popped up and after he got the code , the status changed to “already redeemed to someone else” .
I uploaded the evidence to google drive and provide it in the chat , the scammer decide to keep silent and didnt say anything .

And after all of this , admin decide to let me LOSE and CANCEL the transaction when i provided the evidence and scammer keep silent ?
I believe i wont able to get back my funds but i want to say 2 THINGS :
(1)How admin decide someone win the dispute ? How gameflip protects seller from SCAMMER when they just redeem the code and says the code is already redeemed by someone?Is that too easy to scam people?
(2)All new seller with new account need to be careful with your buyer who has much rating and you dont have much , they will bully you with thier reputation in the past because you are new and have no REPUTATION . So you will easy to lose all of the dispute like me.

Thanks guys for read my topic and please beware these scammer! I will always creat topic to report scammer here !

The first guy! I used to see him on all big google play gift cards like 200 to 500$. He always bought them. You might have mistake and have claimed the 2nd code accidentaly. I won a google play gift card and tried to check the balance but i redeemed it while i wanted to sell it… be honest and say if you did. The 2nd guy, i dont know, most likely a scammer.

Why I think that you have claimed the 2nd code for the 1st guy is because on the first check you get the prompt window saying YOU ARE ABOUT TO CLAIM 25$ code but if you tried the 2nd code right after it claimed it directly

Hi , thanks for commenting.

Im pretty sure that i didnt claim the 2nd code accidentaly because if i did that and when i try to check the code again , i will see a message like : you already redeemed the code . But the message i receive is : the code is already redeemed by someone else .The code never claim directly if i dont click on the “CONFIRM” button , i can check serveral time if i need and have no problem.
He might be good buyer but until he saw im new with gameflip with 2 rating and become greedy , and bullied me .
This is my lesson when selling google play code on gameflip , now i always record my screen include : checking the code and the transaction is displaying . So no scammer can scam me anymore because the evidence will be so clear.

At least if he want to scam my second code , so i should receive my first code because he already confirmed that he use it and only can pay for it , why admin decide to cancel the transaction and refund full amounts to him? Its so unfair.

Hello, let me answer the question you made and then give you some advice on how to proceed from here:

We decide the disputes based on the evidence we get from both parties, sometimes we go beyond and contact the gift card ourselfes to inquiry about the code. Which evidence we will need to decide and solve the dispute depends in each case.

In order to help you with the two cases you mentioned, please, open a ticket to the support team here:

Send all evidence you have there so we can have it properly on our records, then send me here via PM the ticket number so I can check it further.

Thank you.


Thank you im on my way !

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