How long for withdraw approval ?

How GameFlip protects seller from buyer-scammers ? There’s no need for additional posts about this.

It seems like you are in a dispute or in the process of filing one after having lost. Your evidence really isn’t solid and you spend most of your time playing the victim card and bashing the ‘rude’ guy who you were threatening. You also throw up red flags like asking if he is “ready” for “fresh” code which the legit sellers never do because legit gift cards have no risk of expiring, being redeemed by an unknown party, or otherwise going bad. You see it with credit card fraud and codes that are stolen before activation and then resold in the short window between when the real buyer is able to activate and redeem. Either you or that source you contacted in the 5 mins isn’t legit. Based on the panicked cash out attempts and posts I’d assume it’s you :frowning: