How long for withdraw approval ?

Hello , my profile code is HMTHWX

Please help me to approve my withdraw , my first request got cancelled for $1500+ , my 2nd is already 2 days and 3rd-4th are the same too ?
My business is delaying because of this , im going to have NO MONEY soon when my request keep to take long time like this .

Please help me out gameflip’s admin!!! Thank you so much !!

How GameFlip protects seller from buyer-scammers ? There’s no need for additional posts about this.

It seems like you are in a dispute or in the process of filing one after having lost. Your evidence really isn’t solid and you spend most of your time playing the victim card and bashing the ‘rude’ guy who you were threatening. You also throw up red flags like asking if he is “ready” for “fresh” code which the legit sellers never do because legit gift cards have no risk of expiring, being redeemed by an unknown party, or otherwise going bad. You see it with credit card fraud and codes that are stolen before activation and then resold in the short window between when the real buyer is able to activate and redeem. Either you or that source you contacted in the 5 mins isn’t legit. Based on the panicked cash out attempts and posts I’d assume it’s you :frowning:

No im not panic :wink: im very experienced gift card RESELLER , i just new with gameflip so i will need to creeate topic to learn from experience people :wink: Again , im reseller and not the main supplier , when i get the code from supplier and checked the code is good or not , if checked it good - i called it FRESH , if not i will not say that.
Look at all of my offer , its 1 day delivery . Thats mean i need to get the code from my supplier when i have new purchase on gameflip , check the code status and give it to buyer and pay back to my supplier . If my code owned by me , i would love to change all of my offer to become auto delivery .
Why gameflip make 1-2-3 days delivery and cooperate between buyer-seller , because they allow a reseller like me work like this . If you have any concern about Business is legit or scam , please send message :wink:

For solid evidence , yeah i agree its not because i dont have experience here , but now for every transaction i also record my screen include displaying the transaction and how i check the code then send it to the transaction , do you want to see a example of solid evidence now?

Then it seems you have put others at risk by RESELLING fraudulent gift cards. Why are any of your suppliers codes not working? You don’t seem very experienced based on all your posts, poor evidence, the fact you can’t pay up front, and need to create topics to learn from more experienced sellers. As an experienced seller I can tell you that screenshotting a working code means nothing when the source is as sketchy as yours and is a frequently used scam.

As I said, you should submit the evidence via the dispute system and stop creating additional posts with the same weak evidence.

read what you say when you always talking about fraudulent when you dont even have evidence , i think i dont need to agrue with you more , goodluck :wink:

I trade quite effectively at gameflip
I made 3 successful withdrawals at gameflip
But, when I made the first withdrawals of my paypal following status is: Needs approval
After a few days I announced: your requestout request has been denied by paypal, although my paypal works normally and received money from gameflip several times without problems
Help me :slight_smile:
My Invite code: TZNDHX

I feel for you , you should contact supporter to resolve problem .
Mine problem just solved after contact admin .

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Your payouts were canceled due to the type of gift cards you were selling.

I suggested waiting a couple of extra days before requesting a payout again.

Thank you.

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how long?..

I would assume 2-3.

Lucy :heart:

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My withdaw still pending
Mu code: 5VZES3

It takes up to 24 business hours to be approved. Let me know via PM if you still have these pending.


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