Withdraw need approval - Been 4 days (Help).


So I made a withdrawl on 1/30/2019 and it’s been 4 days and my withdrawal to PayPal is still needing approval. I’ve made over 15+ Withdrawl and some of them needed approval which usally takes 2 days or less. I don’t get why it has been 4 days for this withdraw and there is still nothing!. I have just contacted Gameflip but I was seeing if you guys on the forum know anything about this.


Please leave your invite code so @DunnBiscuit can look into it.

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Those withdrawals are larger than in the past and you made several right in a row (2 on the same day) both of which could set off a flag for review. I was successfully paid out for more than that amount so it’s not an issue others are experiencing.

https://gameflip.com/wallet/verify fill out that info if you haven’t. Sometimes it just takes a bit longer, hope you get the funds soon.


Hi my invite code is : 176P12
It has been 5 days (almost 6 days) now and no reply from gameflip and withdraw still needs approval. Also sorry for the late reply, im a new member and my account got put of hold.



Your payouts might be processed tomorrow max. If they aren’t, PM me.


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