withdrawal needs approval - help

QW2DZW code
it has not been that long but my other 3 payouts recently did not need approval

im on the same boat

Hey guys, payouts maight take up to 24h to get checked and approved.
If you don’t your payout be approved after that time, please PM me.

Thank you.

Sry I dont know hot to PM on this page I just cannot find it XD
Maybe you can help me with that and my most recent withdrawal which also needs approval XD

Needs approval needs that real person has to release funds to you. It should go through soon. Be patient, this happens usually when you request larger amounts of money.

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Hi it has been 7 days and it still says needs approval! Invite code 1bvcgx

Submit a ticket here

I have been waiting 7 days and I have still not gotten my money. This is a problem because I have been doing business with Gameflip for over 2 month and I have made previous withdrawals

My code is 1bvcgx

You sold and account which is forbidden, therefore you wont be able to withdraw. You may spend the money to purchase any items from the marketplace.

How do I spend the money if it’s on needs approval

It’s not in my account

How do I spend. The money it’s mot in my account

Hello! I have been waiting for 2 days to get it approved, can you check please? Here my code Q4PVDB

Hello @Sadeer_Aljhani,

I have verified your case and the payout has already been approved.

God Speed! :trident:

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