Withdraw so long

My invite code: GXLF2H
i usually make withdrawl to paypal and its fast like 5 minutes or something, but now when trying to withdrawl to paypal again its said need approval ? even i have another cashout pending 2 days ago. for doing bussiness this not good. we need instant cashout or like that. you can take instant for add funds, why for payout not ? but i still wondering that my first problem like i said before i usually and always easy withdrawl to my paypal withing 5 minutes no need aproval, but now i must another waiting for this said need aproval. before i can instant cashout to paypal no need waiting, so i need wait two method of withdrawl bitcoin and paypal. this just not good.
@op_JOkEr @DunnBiscuit

All of my payouts from the weekend are still pending as well. Almost 1k in backed up payments actually. I’m pretty sure the staff doesn’t work on weekends, and yesterday was labor day. If your payouts aren’t submitted by the end of today then I would consider writing a support ticket or dming a staff member.

This seems to be a common issue at the minute. I have been waiting for 6 days for my last one.

You should post your invite code so that the Moderators (@DunnBiscuit and @op_JOkEr) can find your account.

My Invite Code: E5R4CR (In case the Moderators get looking at this)

I dmed my invite code to @DunnBiscuit already so I can only hope that he is on today to help. Good luck to the rest of you

My invite code: GXLF2H

@DunnBiscuit @op_JOkEr

My payouts just went through. What about you guys?

All sorted :+1:

Hello guys!

I’m glad all of these issues were sorted out. If you need any further help, just PM me!

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i sent withdrawal, can u help me check it?
My invite code: GXLF2H
@DunnBiscuit @op_JOkEr

can u help me confirm my withdraw?

Hello, I am new to this forum and I am in a rush to contact you and could not find another way. I have had two successful instant paypal cashouts, however i tried to do a few today and they all say “pending approval” I was wondering if this is normal, and if so when should i expect payment? As i really needed the funds today.

Code: A8BZXY

Thank you!

Go to https://gameflip.com/wallet/verify and submit that information if you haven’t.

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