cashout/payout/withdrawl takes to long

i usually make withdrawl to paypal and its fast like 5 minutes or something, but now when trying to withdrawl to paypal again its said need approval ? even i have another cashout pending to bitcoin 2 days ago. for doing bussiness this not good. we need instant cashout or like that. you can take instant for add funds, why for payout not ? but i still wondering that my first problem like i said before i usually and always easy withdrawl to my paypal withing 5 minutes no need aproval, but now i must another waiting for this said need aproval. before i can instant cashout to paypal no need waiting, so i need wait two method of withdrawl bitcoin and paypal. this just not good.

edit : +add picture
You can analyze with this picture
update : all fixed paid but need to wait.

im just tired creating ticket finnaly iam sign up here and just write my feeling to this forum.

ok now i get paid, but there other still pending. and the bitcoin status from pending to in transit. and i dont know what that mean in transit, what is that ? haha. but thanks for another paid too from need approval status.

This is how it works, Needs Approval>Pending>In Transit>Paid

yea i understand, but you need more people for help your system, support or other. so we no need wait too long for get respond a request ticket, or something like this need approval. for better further

You’re mistaken me with support : ) I have nothing to do with them. They hired more people, but first they have to be trained.

Hello, GuLo. I’m glad your issued got solved. But i’m here to ask you, How much did it takes to get you paid out? Because i’m having the same issue since 1.5 hour ago. I first made a withdrawal and got instanly paid, then 10 minutes late made another withdrawal but haven’t got paid yet.

hello, just wait johan, its need approval i think. maybe they will check what you sell before or something information about you. so you can just wait maybe until 3 days. if not yet get paid, create ticket through support and ask for help/question your problem.

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Yup, i know that… i’ve been selling on gameflip for over a year and this is the first time it happened to me, so that’s why i want to know how long did it take to get your money out. I withdrawed almost my entire money and i need it to make purchases so that’s that i need to know when could i get the money or that. How much hours did it take for you?

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i have no idea with you man. i just tell you before, just wait. and you ask again. im done.

I know that, like i said hahaha. I’m just asking you how much time did it take for you to get the money paid?

hellow,When need approval you have to do?