Paypal withdraw needs approval..

After Paypal being unavailable for a week (very frustrating), I am now waiting 2 days for my withdrawal to be approved. Why does it need to be approved? Why does it take so long… I am already waiting 10 to get my money so I get new stuff to sell. People are asking me for codes and I can’t deliver.

Can someone please help me or tell why it takes so long?

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Hello SillySickStore

Sorry again for any inconvenience this has caused.

Most payouts occur within a few hours, but some cases may take up to 2 business days.

Your request should be approved soon, since it will still be 2 days from the time you requested the payout.

If you have doubts regarding to this, please check the following link:

God Speed! :trident:

Still waiting… :frowning:

Can’t someone just approve it?
I really don’t know why it has to take so long.
Almost 3 days for a approval after waiting for a week to use Paypal again.

I really like GF but this is starting to annoy me a little bitty.
I just really need the money…

Still waiting. 4 days…


Nothing happens. No response on this forum.
Other posts of people with the same problem got ignored too.

Very dissapointed in Gameflip for this matter. :frowning:

Hey DarkKnight,

I’m still waiting. 7 ■■■■■■■ days already…
I’m waiting two weeks in total since paypal withdraw wasn’t available.
This is just ridiculous.

Is there something you can do for me? Or something I can do to get my money?
Please help.

Profile code: 56Y7EV
Withdrawal from 7-10-2019

after PayPal is back payout are pain always have to contact the support to approve them its take 3-5 days now i have like 6 waiting for approval and still nothing.

Hey SillySickStore!

Sorry about this.

Let me check and I will have a response for you soon.

God Speed! :trident:

Hello again @SillySickStore!

Issue resolved :wink:

Have a wonderful day!

God Speed! :trident:

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